Varsity Calendar/Info

Important Information:
Varsity: Uniform Shell, Skirt, Bloomers, White Tennis Shoes, Liner (weather permits), White Tennis shoes ( wore @ camp) with no show socks, White ribbon (wore at camp) or Orange/Black rhinestone ribbon (not yet given).
-Which ribbon that will be worn at the game will be on the BTW pom mass text the week of the game.
Members must be in full uniform at games. This includes having the correct hair ribbon, hair pulled back from face and performance make-up. Members must wear approved outerwear when the weather is cold or inclimate ( pg 8).
Appropriate arrival time: 
Varsity: 1 hour before the game begins
The girls Uniform, Pom pons, as well as hair Bows will be the girls responsibility. It is very important that they are fully prepared for every game. If you have not ordered your child a pom bag it is very important that you get with Shelly before the football season begins.
Important Dates to Remember:
Tulsa State Fair Dance Competition:
OSDTDA Oklahoma State Dance Team Competition:
Dance For a Cure:



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