Meet the Coaches

Meet the Varsity Coach: TeKi Stewart
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TeKi Stewart was born in Dallas, Texas from a family of musicians. She began her dance training in high school on the Memorial Varsity Pom Squad. From gaining the interest in movement, she began to train at Tulsa Ballet, in many dance styles such as ballet, jazz and more importantly hip-hop. From the training she obtained in hip-hop and the influences in her culture, she began to create her own hip-hop movements.  TeKi has choreographed and taught dance at several Tulsa Public Schools including Booker T. Washington, Tulsa Memorial High School, Whitney Middle School, Columbus Elementary and several more. She is motivated to influence the young to seek activities such as dance rather than to pursue violence.
While receiving her Bachelor’s in Science and Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, TeKi traveled across the country to train from the best. Dance has taken her to Los Angeles, Florida, New York and even Canada. She has trained with choreographers such as Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, Sean Everisto, Tabitha & Napoleon, Wade Robinson, Luam, Twitch, Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels and more…
TeKi teaches at several dance workshops, is Creative Director / Choreographer for Blush Crew & Organized Khaos and is on staff of Nspire Dance Convention as a hip-hop teacher. TeKi continues to train to enhance her dance ability and maintain her creative mindset to contribute to the world of dance.

Meet the Junior Varsity Coach: Desiree Williams Brown



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