Are you interested in joining BTW Pom?


Booker T Washington Pom 2017-18

Varsity Skill Requirements: Currently looking for flexible dancers w/ personality & hardworking mentality

  •  High kicks ( w/ & w/o kick line sequence)
  • Leg hold, right or left, front into tilt
  • Jumps: Toe touch, C- jump
  • Leaps: Right & Left Jete, Right & Left Leaps in 2nd, Calypso
  • Pirouettes: Solid, clean double on the right, single on left
  • Proper Motion Placement: Strong, Sharp
  • Hip hop skills: Head Stand: Legs apart & Legs together, Head Spring, Forward & Backwards roll, Cartwheel left & right

Other: Stage presence, memorization, performance quality, stamina, interest and willingness to improve dance skills outside of poms

Junior Varsity Skill Requirements:  Interest and willingness to improve dance skills such as Pom, Hiphop and Jazz, Flexible dancers w/ Personality & willing to work hard at practice but most importantly at home.


Please see the attached flyers for more information about upcoming clinics and tryouts.




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