All of our forms are online now!

We still need the green sheets and physical forms for our records, but we also need the parents to fill out these online forms.  Please follow the directions on this website.


Are you interested in joining BTW Pom?


Booker T Washington Pom 2017-18

Varsity Skill Requirements: Currently looking for flexible dancers w/ personality & hardworking mentality

  •  High kicks ( w/ & w/o kick line sequence)
  • Leg hold, right or left, front into tilt
  • Jumps: Toe touch, C- jump
  • Leaps: Right & Left Jete, Right & Left Leaps in 2nd, Calypso
  • Pirouettes: Solid, clean double on the right, single on left
  • Proper Motion Placement: Strong, Sharp
  • Hip hop skills: Head Stand: Legs apart & Legs together, Head Spring, Forward & Backwards roll, Cartwheel left & right

Other: Stage presence, memorization, performance quality, stamina, interest and willingness to improve dance skills outside of poms

Junior Varsity Skill Requirements:  Interest and willingness to improve dance skills such as Pom, Hiphop and Jazz, Flexible dancers w/ Personality & willing to work hard at practice but most importantly at home.


Please see the attached flyers for more information about upcoming clinics and tryouts.



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